Best Monday Ever

Part consultancy. Part startup studio. All thinking wrong.

Who We've Worked With

Dell, Startup Colorado, University of Texas, University of Virginia, The College Board, Three Day Startup, SXSW, Lean In, MetLife, General Assembly, and many more.


LinkedIn: Spencer Ingram

Oh hello.

"A refreshing change in thinking. I felt like I was in control again."
★★★★★ -- Vijay S.

"Basically career cheat codes."
★★★★★ -- Chris F.

"Getting a clear strategy for my next steps made me feel unstoppable."
★★★★★ -- Monica S.

West Slope Works

This is a description. I'm writing to see when the gutters colide.

West Slope Works

This is a description. I'm writing to see when the gutters colide.

West Slope Works

This is a description. I'm writing to see when the gutters colide.

⏳ Starting > Being Right

You can't pick the right path for a future that hasn't been invented yet. Go get new insights to work with.

🔬 Test & Learn

You don't learn something until you do something. Stop planning, start testing.

🔨 Making Matters Most

You have powerful tools for learning, making, and sharing. They will take you anywhere.

🤪 Don't Be Boring

Nobody wants to connect with boring.
Be a maker. Makers are not boring.

🧠 We Know More Than Me

When you are stuck in your head, you need to find more heads.

🎁 Come Bearing Gifts

Spotting how to help is a skill that opens many doors.

😤 Complain or Change.

The choice is yours. Find the intersection of what matters and what you can control.

⚾️ Swing for the fence.

Aiming low is a tragic way to think.

🚀 Without Permission

Conventional advice is often full of outdated rules that hold you back.


Why are you providing free calls?

Calls are pay-what-you-can. This is about giving anyone the dignity to get help without a cost barrier.

Can I book more than one call?

Yes. You can book as many calls as you need. You cannot book multiple calls in the same week.

What if there are no time slots available?

At this time, we can only provide a limited number of calls each week. Scheduling is first-come, first served. New times are added every Thursday.

Who will I be speaking to?

You will be speaking with Spencer Ingram, the author of the BME emails. You can see his LinkedIn here.

What If I need to reschedule?

We provide an option to reschedule and ask that you only use it if absolutely necessary. Rescheduling removes time slots for other callers.

What if I miss my call?

We provide a calendar invitation and reminder emails. If you miss a call, you will be unable to schedule future calls. We expect you to take responsibility for booking our time.

Will you help me with my resume?

No. We focus on tactics that keep you out of the resume pool. Our friends at Let's Eat Grandma will help with your resume.

Will you help with interview support?

Yes. We've helped people win the interview process. For specialized roles, we may also help you consult with subject experts.

Can I send this to a friend?

You are welcome to share your book-a-call link. However, friends should subscribe so they don’t miss all the future email goodies ;)

But won't people take advantage of your time?

We tend to believe in the best in people.